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Hi, I'm new here and for one reason: **** a MMORPG server.
The reason is simple. I was banned like 2 weeks ago. The excuse is hack, because i fighted against GM and won.
If I knew how to hack, I wouldn't be here now.

They banned me without chance of appeal, without evidence, without anything.
We had a bet, I guess they did this just to don't have to pay.
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Thers this game known as Metin2uk, cudnt anyone ever hack it? searched the whole net and got only viruses, nothing working and the cheat engine works only on the private server.
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I was play mmorpg 4 mobile phone...but sometime i play with emulator in pc.
can u help me how to hack this game??
Thanks be4.....
Later i tell the game....
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Ok, so I am trying to hack the EN-1 server of the following game which is based in Germany, it is a star trek kind of game, called space trek the new empire,

the EN-1 server website is:


I want to be able to hack this and get my some good weapons/resoruces as I am under attack, and i dont know why but people hate me, I need defenses. Please tell me how to hack this, and get what I want. Also there is a simulated colony planner that can be accessed from the help tab, you can give yourself anything on it you want to build/have, I want to be able to make this fake colony a real one, with all the stuff left on it. Also there is something called Credits you can buy which you can trade and buy ships with them, my parents are asses and wont let me buy any, if you can figure out a way to hack this, please tell me,


Crell Moset
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Want help for one mmorpg will make a little hack /
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Originally Posted by 7flint7 View Post
ok this is what i learned, in most of mmorpg games anything grapich related meaning the aprience of anything you can use in the game, like your character, items... is editable because it does not put you in any advantage with other players, but things like altering the amount of money, experience, pt ,and things like that, even if don, it will not work because those files are kept by the server and compared to the your client when you connect to the server. i think what we need is sometihing kind of like a file fiter sending the server the original content while you are using the edited ones.( kind of like WPE but with files, not packeges. ) but i need some 1 to make it cuz most of the 1 out there are detected by the game and it just disconnets me from it.. that's as far as i'v been.
Help me for to hack one game please if you online answer me
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hello im new on this forum so i was wondering can i use cheat engine to hack league of legends or do u need some other program

and if i can hack it with cheat engine can u show me how

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so do gold genarator work??? ive seen tons of video on dragon nest ,but some seem to be virus or need a srurvy cpmplte when i got one it seem work on dn sea i play in DN china ,,,i do make mods for the game and manipulate some character but i want to get more gold ,,,all i know is there is a link in when using storage seems to bind with the client file but i dunno ....any tips anyone? i want to create one
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Ok I currently play phoenix emperor. Only made for Iphone and android market. Originally made for Iphone then added android market to play for free. Worldwide game and some have hacked into but were detected and by TOS were given a temp ban or perm ban. I so want to hack into but dont knw how or be detected. changing stuff not to just my character but others so just a mess and can't find the real person tht did it?
any ideas
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Hey everyone, I know this thread has stopped a long time ago, but I have a question
I'm trying to freeze the Health in The Secret World (to be immortal)
Is there anyway I can do it ?