Thank you very much, very helpful tutorial Especilly for the structure of the game. Well, when i begin a big size illustration, i know exactly where to start and why. But with Game Programing, it's more complex, above all for the structure. I 'm like you were, enthusiastic but not enough knowledge for this kind of work ...lol
i thought c/c++ programming was difficult, but in fact it's quite similar to AS, as i said last time.
Maybe i could adapt it for flash, i 'll try
thank you again mister

--> Flint

Well, i get some information for wpe on the web, you 've to be careful, if your modification isn't right , you'll be disconnected, you can be located and so your acount may be erase by the devs, so be very careful
For my flash game , i 'm always very cautious, even if none of my attempts worked again
But in my opinion, Wpe is the best way to do what you want for your game...i think.

I can't use it so i'll carry on my trys to shunt the actionscript of the game...and maybe i'll be here again in thousand years lol

"Rules are done to be contravened"...who's said that !