K most mmorpgs when u install the game all your basically installing is the login screen the .dlls movies .wavs and such and patches now you can open up the files and change what ever you so want but your waisting time. When you play a mmorpg the server keeps a record of your ip address and also looks at your game folder files and sees if there is anything wrong with them if something is changed or whatever now when you login the server will detect it and then since ur files are wrong the server uses its files to help with ur files so you can play the game and how i know this is because i developed my own mmorpg.

Now most programs your get for hacking mmorpgs our going to be client side programs which means if you download a program that increase your attack power by 10000 and you hit a mob doing 100000000 dmg it will appear on your screen but to the server your actually doing the normal amount of dmg so it basically just changes your view of the game but not really hacking the game.

Most ppl that hack wow play on private servers and download the program called wowemuhacker and the go on it and do flying faster speed tracking and stuff like that and i personally don't consider that hacking cause all there doing is downloading the program and click a check box and poof you have that thing enabled in-game.

And as for the WPE program i like that program ppl give up on it way to much because its oh so hard for them to find out but honestly it is really ezy to do the program and most home based mmorpgs private server have not fixed the WPE program.

Now what i would do is find there main server ip they proxy out there ip from hackers but once you find there main ip find a way to install remotly a trojan that gives your remote access to there pc.

Once you gain access look up the programs that they use and once you find your account modify it with anything you want lol thats what i did to runescape btw runescape is the most ignorant game ever made DON'T EVER PLAY IT.

I hope this information helped you out