Hello, how are you guys ? i hope fine..;
I'm new in this forum, i'm not very good in english so sorry for the mistakes

Well , i need some help on a mmorpg for hacking. It 's a Flash mmorpg, maybe you know it and ever play it, but i won't give the name on here

However, this game is based on actionsript so i try to decompile the main swf file (witch contain the bigger part of the actionscript) but my programs failed (stack underflow). Don't know why...
Well i've try another way, i just take a look to the actionscript with Swf Decompiler and Flare, and then, what i wanted to do is, insert some code on another swf file in order to modify what i wanted to modify.
...waoo really need to learn more english but i hope that make sens

Well, this is a part of the original code :

__reg1.onStats = function (sExtraData)
        var __reg3 = sExtraData.split("|");
        var __reg4 = this.api.datacenter.Player;
        var __reg5 = __reg3[0].split(",");
        __reg4.XP = __reg5[0];
        __reg4.XPlow = __reg5[1];
        __reg4.XPhigh = __reg5[2];
        __reg4.Kama = __reg3[1];
        __reg4.BonusPoints = __reg3[2];
        __reg4.BonusPointsSpell = __reg3[3];
        __reg5 = __reg3[4].split(",");
        var __reg6 = Number(__reg5[0]);
        var __reg7 = Number(__reg5[1]);
        __reg4.alignment = new dofus.datacenter.Alignment(__reg6, __reg7);
        __reg4.data.alignment = __reg4.alignment.clone();
        var __reg8 = Number(__reg5[2]);
        var __reg9 = Number(__reg5[3]);
        var __reg10 = Number(__reg5[4]);
        var __reg11 = __reg5[5] == "1" ? true : false;
        var __reg12 = __reg4.rank.disgrace;
        __reg4.rank = new dofus.datacenter.Rank(__reg8, __reg9, __reg10, __reg11);
        __reg4.data.rank = __reg4.rank.clone();
        if (__reg12 != undefined && __reg12 != __reg10 && __reg10 > 0) 
This code is in the main file. Now, i've modify some variables and re enter the code in another swf file and create and event with a "clip" symbol. here is the code :

this.sprite_56.onRelease = function ()
    var __reg2 = this.api.datacenter.Player;
    __reg2.Kama = "9999999999";
    __reg2.BonusPoints = "2000";
    __reg2.BonusPointsSpell = "200";
Quite simple. And actually , i even try with the event .text after variables because i supose these variables are dynamic text :

this.sprite_56.onRelease = function ()
    var __reg2 = this.api.datacenter.Player;
    __reg2.Kama.text = "9999999999";
    __reg2.BonusPoints.text = "2000";
    __reg2.BonusPointsSpell.text = "200";
But, both of those two scripts don't work.

Maybe you can help me, i hope so

This is a pretty difficult challenge, how to shunt the main file's actionscript...
If someone need, i can give the copy of the files or the name of the game in pm.

So, thank you for reading and for your help, hope my english make sens lol, have a nice day and see you soon !

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