With regards to IP addresses.

I use my laptop and my laptop picks up someone's internet connection. So obviously I don't pay for my own Internet connection.

Ok firstly, when entering chatrooms, I have my IP address displayed onto the chatroom screen, which starts 192. ..etc. However when I do a 'whats my ip address' look up on the internet, it gives me a totally different IP address, and going onto the WHOIS website, I traced that IP address to another city. So when administrators in the chatroom, see my IP address, which one do they see? the one that is displayed on the chatroom screen or my original one? (the one i looked up online?)

Now my concern is, someone from the chatroom which i visited knows my IP address, can that person do anything to me with that IP address? can that person hack into my laptop and internet connection and gain my personal details? without my acknowledgment?

Obviously the internet connection isnt secured, but this person who has my ip address,DOESNT live in my area, so they cannot pick it up. so that way I dont have a problem. But he does have my IP address (to this unsecured netwrok) can he gain my personal information?

He hasnt sent me no link or email or anything, that I could have got a virus. But NOTE he DOES have my IP address, my anti-virus isnt so good etc (yes i know it should be) but i dont use my laptop regularly, well hardly.

So re-iterating the above: CAN THIS PERSON GAIN ACCESS TO MY PERSONAL DETAILS? BY HAVING MY IP ADDRESS? can they access my internet connection from the otherside of the UK just by knowing my ip address?

please someone clear this up for me, all advice welcome. I have posted this same question in other thread and my question wanst fully answered. Please could u answer this in a simple way as im not too familiar with computing terminology

thank yoiu