Hi everyone,

I have a quick question. A while ago someone with very little computer knowledge (I know this for a fact - said person claimed they found a way to do it on a forum) managed to hack my yahoo email account. The person in question kind of messed it up because instead of deleting my secondary email first, they added their own address which was made up of their first and last name, so I was able to see who did it as well as keep proof that it was them because of the email sent by yahoo to notify me of password change. What I did was to change to my google account and basically only use the yahoo for general stuff that I don't mind losing.

Now, a long time ago I created a gmail account which I never used. I mean I have no idea of the password, security question or anything. My question is, is it possible for this person to have hacked into this gmail account even though it has probably not been used for over a year? I really don't care about the account at all, but I think this person is trying to fish for information by telling someone I know that they hacked into the account. I am not sure this is true since I can't see how they could get the required info if I have not logged into that account in eons.

I just need to know whether it is possible to do this. Could you please tell me? And if it is how can I disable the account? Should I just send google an email explaining all this. The problem is I started this address so long ago that I remember nothing about it....

Thank you very much
All the best.