Yes, to catch me out. But hotmail itself cannot be hacked, but, if the persons who's hotmail account you want is on the same network as you then you can sniff the password out and see it in clear text as soon as the person logged in by using APR poisoning. Thats a kind of TCP/IP Hijacking attack, you can see the username and password of any site he logs in over FTP, HTTP, IMAP, LDAP, POP3, SMB, TELNET, VNC, TDS, SMTP, NNTP, DCE/RPC, MSKerb5-PreAuth, Radius-Keys, Radius-Users, ICQ, IKE-PSK, MySQL, SNMP, SIP, and GRE/PPP. So go out and sniff your network. That is if your target is on the same network as you.