Sorry for a late response, I've been busy.

Alright. I think I am kind of confused and because of that I think I explained it wrong. Let me give it another shot, ok? If I remove the "Form" part of the class it doesn't work, as you see in the screen shot below it is a form called Options with options that the user will be able to define as defaults. Take the first text box for example, lets say the user types in 15 for the maximum number of tabs and I place that into an int i when the OK button is pushed. Now, how would I get that value int i into another Class : Form and apply that to make it limit the tabs to 15 for the tab control?

Sorry if this is confusing to you, I don't know how to explain it .


P.S: Error while trying to attach the .jpeg image to the post on this board. I didn't post the image threw another site, I don't know if that counts as linking to another site.
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