/Puts noob hat on.

Alright, this is probably the biggest n00b question you will get from me. How can I grab and receive values from different classes? Honestly, I've never had to deal with classes until now. Here is my situation:

I have created and completed a Notepad clone, but with many more features. I'm just cleaning code and adding even more now that it doesn't need to be shown to a college. Anyways, I want to allow the user to define their default font, richtextbox background color, word wrap enabled/disabled, number of tabs, etc... So, I created "public partial class Options : Form" (Nice copy and paste feature.). Ok so in this partial class, whatever the heck that is, I have functions for each object in this form. For example, I have a maskedtextbox where the user will type in the number of maximum tabs that can be opened at once, I can put this into an int but then when I go back to my main application partial class I have no idea how to retrieve that int and use it to affect the maximum number of tabs that can be opened.

I would have searched Goggle and this form for the answer but I don't know what it's called.