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You need to understand what they are doing but that should not be the only focus.

Studying the marketing campaign of Pepsi and Coke of few decades ago when Pepsi was new player would help. Quoting lot of things from memory and so bear with me. Pepsi instead of competing with coke (the major player in the market) focused on its own performance month on month / quarter on quarter and we all know what Pepsi is today.
I have to agree if company ignore to improve the performance of its existing services then it doesn't matter how much time it spends on the competitors analysis. In my opinion, social media is real place for marketing (not for link dropping) because you can get in touch with your clients as well as potential customers.

And when it comes to the SEO then one thing need be mentioned, it is a practice and we'll have to determine what type of methods are really effective rather than using each tips available on the Internet.