Those that do their own SEO or are fully aware of what has been done on their behalf (which should cover everyone but probably doesn't), will already know if they have "stretched" certain guidelines.
I had a paragraph in a side bar above my menu which was just a list of keywords with an opening and closing statement (I placed it there because it was crawled before my main content). This was something I did when I first started with my site, and although I found out later that it was something specifically advised against and amounted to keyword stuffing, I left it there because it wasn't doing me any real harm.
However, I changed it today I did not have too many reciprocal links (in my view) but before I read this had begun reducing what I did have because I didn't believe that they were all of benefit to me.
I think it is better to take an objective and sensible look at a site now rather than wait and see if it suffers as a result of what Google are planning.