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I don't think many experience webmasters now track Google toolbar PR.
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You are right Shabbir it is hardly of any use these days. What i believe in SEO is not the page rank
but the conversion rate which enhance due to organic SEO techniques.
With respect, I began the thread by saying:

"OK we all know that Google PR doesn't mean so much any more, and I am not looking for a debate about what everyone thinks of PR, that has been done many times already,
so please no comments about it being a waste of time etc etc and it is only SERP and traffic that matters."

If anyone isn't interested in PR that's fair enough, I did not set out to argue for its value. What it has always been is a measure of the authority of backlinks to a site. We know that Google has long sinced dropped PR as it's sole ranking mechanism, but backlinks are important in terms of SERP and if PR is a measure of backlinks then I can't see that it is not one of the relevant factors.
There are threads on every forum about it, so although many webmasters may dismiss it, many do not. Google continues to produce these updates and I would it find strange that they would bother if they served no purpose at all. For those actively involved in link building, it is the only measurement that Google provides as a guide to the potential value of a link.