OK we all know that Google PR doesn't mean so much any more, and I am not looking for a debate about what everyone thinks of PR, that has been done many times already, so please no comments about it being a waste of time etc etc and it is only SERP and traffic that matters.
This is purely a topic for those who do look at their PR, to discuss who is happy with the update this week and who is not, and what they think has perhaps happened to influence their current PR since the last update.

The home page of my main site has remained at the PR4 it went up to in the November update, but all my internal information pages have had an increase, so that of the 21 I have, 9 are PR3 and 12 are PR2.
My site is for real estate, and I have around 180 pages of adverts. What has been interesting for me is that many of those now have PR1 or PR2 whereas none of them had any PR before. I will need to be careful now when I dete adverts for sold homes, so that I use redirects to preserve that PR.
My secondary site was only launched last November and is now PR3 with all ınternal pages having PR2, so over the two sites I have to be happy with this update.
I have added a couple of pages to my main site since the last update, but other than that all my efforts have been in off-page.
In addition to the menu, I have internal text links on every page pointing to every other page, and I am sure that has helped the ranking of my internal pages.