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First you have to understand lot of things in SEO.

PR is constantly updated and is not function of how well you have done your on page factors.
Toolbar PR which you see is of no value and may not be the actual representation of the actual PR. Yes it may be close the actual PR when Google updates it. Google also updates it every few months now.

If you page is only 3 months old it means you have hardly any links pointing to your page and so you do not have any PR.

I will suggest you read the SEO FAQ page at the top of SEO forum for better understanding of SEO and SEO related issues.
I agreed with Shabbir. There are lots of things to learn in SEO.
If you felt like cheated, that you have put efforts and didn't get result, high PR then I must tell you, SEO is a long term but result-oriented process.
There are several factors on which the Page Rank of a website depends. You have to analyze the trends, algorithms and changes to get desired results. Try to gain more knowledge and put your efforts in the right direction. You will surely get the results.