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Itís an Advanced Search Language tools from Google.
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I think, this will enhance the traditional SEO practice. Like, other features and facilities introduced by features launched by Google, this will also bring some changes in the SERP ranking of websites. I am waiting for further news about it.
Ok there is "Google Me" which was a documentary film which has no relevance to SEO, it was just about a guy finding people with the same name as himself through a Google search.
Then there is "Google Me" which wasn't actually a product, more of a social media concept and there aren't any references to it post 2010, it became part of Google Buzz which is now closed. What we are left with is Google+.

I can't see "Google Me" listed as either a current or discontinued Google product in Wikipedia:
If anyone has a source which confims the present existence of "Google Me" as a Google product, please post it.