"Whenever anyone posts a comment that doesn't sound like anything anyone would actually say in a forum posting (like the bit about back rub) I can't resist the temptation to Google the post and see what comes up. In this case I found a word for word match to a hub page at:
I am assuming that you didn't just Google the question and find this answer and then copy it, but that this was your own hub page and you recalled what you said 2 years ago?
It's a strange coincidence though, because another of your postings (on the thread Benefits of Link Building) doesn't read naturally either and also exactly matches a statement made elsewhere but apparently not by the same person who wrote the Hub Page."

You are wrong here, they did copy and paste that text. My name is Anthony Goodley, AnthonyGoodley.com, and I am the author of that HubPages hub. Google "Anthony Goodley MyWebs" and you should clearly see the association between the two. I have never posted on your forums until now.