Consider the following Code snippet,

Assembly asm = Assembly.LoadFile(DLL_Path);
Type t = asm.GetType(DLL_NameSpace.MyClass, false, true);
clsMethodInvoke mi = new clsMethodInvoke();
foreach (MemberInfo oMember in t.GetMembers(mi.GetFilter()))
                                //code here
These are the values in the follwing variables,

t = {Name = "Class1" FullName = "a.Class1"}
oMember = {Int32 add(Int32, Int32)}
Now from these values i need to Generate NUnit based TestCases as follows,

public virtual void Testadd1() {
    Class1 Class1 = new Class1();

    int a = -1; //random values are stored here
    int b = 2147483647; //random values are stored here

So having the type of the Class in an Assembly i want to generate test cases for each method, as show above. How can i generate such Test Cases.?