Ok the games finalized...its
The Mystic Squares... (15 puzzle with a different name )
i added some twists to it to make it original..
here are some features i thought to add

1. Single & Multi-Player Compatibility.
2. Level Option - Easy and Hard.
3. Two Level Grid – 3x3 and 4x4.
4. Puzzle Gnerator with Puzzle Solvalbility checking.
5. Puzzle Solver with Animation.
6. Top 5 Scores with Name Display.
7. Keyboard and Mouse Inputs.
8. Timer to clock time.
9. Moves Counter.
10. Option to Choose Style of Blocks.
11. Completely new puzzle - instead of up,down,left,right movements it'll have diagnol movements,
ofcourse it won't have a solver as for that i'll have to devise new algorithms and that would take a lot of time
12. One cool idea i found which i haven't seen been implemented. Program will record each movement you make to solve the puzzle, and those movements will be used to generate a song based on values to each movements....it has no use as such, but the idea is cool and definetly unique....no 15 puzzle on net i have seen done this..
check these References to know more of them...
http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/fifteen.htm http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mdr/teachi...lvability.html

anyone has any other ideas?? or any comments on these features, or how to make them better, do share...thanks...