Hello everybody,
I have recently wrote down a program which you can download from here.
This program have some fault as not running on some computers. One of my friend claimed that it will only run on computers which Framework 2 was installed previously.
But ,another of mine written using DevCPP, works without any bother on all Windows platforms.

Kanji Master is written with VC++ 2005 (Didn't use any special API funtions or something that will make it OS version dependant)
Shutdown is written with DevCPP

I thought that since Visual Studio is a more developed and enhanced tool, its abilities would surpass DevCPP's. I can't say people "Use this program. It is less than 100kb, but you have to install this 40MB Framework 2 thing first...".

Can't it be run witout Framework 2? It is annoying. Advices needed.