Sorry if I do/say something stupid this is my first post here.

I have a function that is passed 6 variables and I want to write some code to figure out which one has the lowest value. This is what I have so far:
int LeastInStore(int pup, int kitn, int bird, int snk, int fish, int bun)
	int lowest = 0;
	int i;
	int quantityOfPets[7];
	char petType[20];
	int lowestpet =0;

	for(i=0; i<7; i++) quantityOfPets[i]=NULL; //initializing the array to NULL

		quantityOfPets[1] = pup;
		quantityOfPets[2] = kitn;
		quantityOfPets[3] = bird;
		quantityOfPets[4] = snk;
		quantityOfPets[5] = fish;
		quantityOfPets[6] = bun;

		for(i = 1; i<6; i++){
			if(quantityOfPets[i] < quantityOfPets[i+1])
				if(lowest > quantityOfPets[i]){
				   lowest = quantityOfPets[i];
	return lowest;
I know there is something fundamentally wrong with this (or I missed something that is throwing everything off) because I get really odd returns from trying to run this. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Or better yet how I can do it right?

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