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i do play the halo pc game i just reall really suck at it. I mean i instantly spawn and in 0.0000000000000000000000000000001 seconds im instantly dead im like wtf?

and the snipers on there are outrageously good.

i only stand a chance on that game by using my health bot for that game lol

i really suck at it.

Now on the xbox its different story i can dominate anyone.


naw but im very good on halo 3 online
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go play pc at 7 pm tonight, i'll have a game of slayer going, bvrowner, if there is a password, it will be go4expert
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You should put on your site a php file manager .. simple users can easy register and those users can see only the upload folder .. they cant see the rest of your site files .. but be careful i have found php exploits hiden in files like .fav .rar .mp3 .jpg/bmp etc. I think you should think twice before make this "step"
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how would i go about doing this