hi, I m studying on a file server project. It won t be a real file server project but it will behave like a real file server. It will be written in c. Let me explain it:
there are two kind of users: supervisor and normal user. there will be commands like login, dir, delete,....with their parameters but commands will be written in c. no system commands will be used. There are some restrictions about users. For example a normal user won t be able to open a file for changing or deleting...It s a little long and it s in turkish. Can you just give me an idea about this project?
My second question, I tried to create a file and put my user information(as struct) into that. but when opening file it s failed. For example when I m trying to login even if username exists it says "no such username!", I m doing that by using the same struct, I read it with fread and put my information in my struct then search it in struct, but it fails. I tried to write on screen it works but writess meaningless information like 7848736828. Can you help me, thanks