i m in first yr mca & i given a project in c++ that must perform follwing operations
1.a file browser
2. file splitter /merger
3.batch rename utility
4. hardisk partition

so i want a file browser that can perform normal operations on files n folders like cut/copy/paste/del/rename and the browser must contain following 3 utilities
2. file splitter /merger
3.batch rename
4. hardisk partition

so now i m stucked at graphics part !
i dont know how to merge the differnt command line argument programs in the browser
so help me on this !

& the browser must contain a comand interface for performing the operations not a menu driven interface!

and please tell me how to creat hard disk partition program in c++
how to acess the MBR n edit it?

so please help me i am waiting 4 ur reply!