Hi, I am just a newbie and I need to write some programs.

I have one directory and under that directory, I have 35 xml files in the Apache Web Server. The path for the directory is like //localhost:8081/dirxml/

And path for the xml files are like..
.... and so on....

I would like to fetch them from my java program and then produce an xml file which is a combination of those xml files.

So, how can I fetch those xml files from web server simultaneously? Is it ok if I use java.net.URL class. But what I found so far is it needs to give the exact URL path like //localhost:8081/dirxml/mycontacts.xml?? But I can't do it coz I don't want to give those xml file names and fetches. What I want to do is to fetch the files under that directory without knowing the file name. It is like to fetch all the files under that directory which ends with .xml

How can I do this? And is there any reference for it.

Thanks in advance.