My feedback is its just a peace of crap for the following simple reason

1. Too many message box for some simple tasks.
2. Nothing works as expected. Like if you have Visual Studio then creating an executable and running the debug environment can be a task where you may need training if you don't know what is an admin mode.
3. If you have network and would like to copy anything on program files you are in trouble but if you have one folder on desktop then pasting there and then moving to the program files is the best way to go.
4. You never get the status about the copying as to if its copied or not. I have run into problem of running the old version and seeing that the bug is not removed.
5. Finding menu in the explorer bar is just as hard as installing Win98
6. Installing a shared printer is virtually not possible.
7. SendMessage / PostMessage does not return any error for sending / posting messages to the admin process.

All in all the hell of the experience.