hi all... i am currently doing a school assignment and is facing a few problems. the software i am using for this assignment is visual C# express...
1) i am having two different forms. and i would like to have the text in the textbox of form 1 to be in form 2 when i close form 1. is there any ways to do it?
2) i am supposed to print details of an object in the arraylist. the object has a few members data in it... i tried using the codes below... but instead of getting what i want, it keeps giving me the eventid... anyone knows why??
 public CalendarEvent GetEvents(string eventid)
            CalendarEvent ce = new CalendarEvent();
            CalendarEvent a = new CalendarEvent();
            int t = Convert.ToInt32(eventid);

            for (int i = 0; i < EventArrayList.Count; i++)
                ce = (CalendarEvent)EventArrayList[i];
                if (t <= EventArrayList.Count)
                    MessageBox.Show("Please enter a valid event Id");
                if (ce.eventid == t)
                    a.eventid = ce.eventid;
                    a.duration = ce.duration;
                    a.comments = ce.comments;
                    a.category = ce.category;
                    a.title = ce.title;
            return a;

3) is it possible for me to have a return statement in the catch block?? if not... may i know how can i catch errors as i do not want to use the if statement to check as i understand too many if statements is not a good idea...

thanks for your time

nerdy_gal ^^

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