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Skitty here;
so i've been using cain/abel and netshark to sniff out cookies. i've been able to get usernames and passwords for basic sites, however facebook seems to encrypt their passwords somehow.

which is the encrypted password field?
does anyone know the type of encryption used ?
; lu=ggjTXGg955vHDKJduwKwaI2Q
; c_user=507610220
; sct=1320027178
; xs=1%3Ab31b71e33af6c9c979de5e87daefdf6b
; p=2
; act=1323127307005%2F46%3A2
; presence=EDvFA22A2EtimeF1323127412EstateFDutF13231 27412927EvisF1EvctF0H0EblcF0EsndF0OQ1323127303EsF0 CEchFDsubF_5b1_5dEp_5f507610220F652EriF0CEblF_7bCC
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i don't think so it's possible. he kidding with. you I think.
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This is not fair. Someone is not supposed to hack others password. Please stop discussing regarding this. It may provouge others also to jump into unknown profile.
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No needed to decrypt. Simple open firefox, go to and create the same cookie and refresh and voila !!
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