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Is it? Does it? I have a Facebook page but I must admit I don't really know how to use it because I have never really embraced the whole Facebook thing. Foe example, how does anyone find your page?
This is what social media marketing experts fail to answer. I have seen people promote Facebook pages so much on their own site that they tend to forget that the aim of that social page which is to drive traffic to site and not the other way round i.e. drive traffic from your site to that page.

You will never see social media pages of any of my site at very prominent positions on any of my site or blog because I want people to coming to my site from those pages and not want people on my pages to bounce of to those pages.

In fact I never had Facebook like box here at go4expert and had some contests to make the page popular and then drive traffic from those pages to my site. It is only now you see those links at the top because it is somewhat popular and having slight bit of activity.

So now coming back to your question about how people would find your page and it is done from your site and site only. More often it is a matter of social proof. Site with 10k likes is better than site with 1k likes or site with 100k twitter follower is more of an authority than site with 1k followers.
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