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I did not use a proxy as there is no need, and facebook hack can mean anything from hacking the actual server or the website. I prefer to play around with the server but as I said the only possible way I can see that a person will successfully gain access to the server is called smashing the stack. About seeing who checked your profile and how often I don't believe there is a app for that, so if your thoughts for that is huh? then go do some reading. I was only discussing it more in depth.
First, there is a need for a proxy, even if you don't intend to break in. Think of it like you going to your local government branch after closing and trying all the doors and rattling all the windows. It doesn't matter if you don't intend to get in, the people watching the security tapes will still take you for a thief.
lol the terminology of "smashing the stack" isn't used much except in literature, like the original publication that first notified the public of the concept, titled "Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit". Most hackers just call it a buffer overflow. And no, not all exploits/vulnerabilities depend on buffer overflows. Many don't.
if your thoughts for that is huh? then go do some reading
nice way to talk to the admin.
There can't be an app unless facebook admins grant it access to their logs.