executing the program in subpackage

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I have created a java program and prevented the class file to be saved in package where source file is saved say pracjava by using these steps:

include the package abc like that
package abc; in program

and then compling the prog in this way
e:\pracjava\javac -d . prog.java

this creating class file inside abc package which is inside pracjava package

but when i am executing program using
e:\pracjava\java prog
then it is not running
giving error no classdef found error

i have set path to c:\jdk1.5\bin
and classpath to e:\pracjava

however when compling the program using
e:\pracjava\javac prog.java

and then executing it. It is not giving any error
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The filename has to be the same as the class/package name, like if your classname is ABC, the filename has to be ABC.java!
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name of class file is prog not abc. abc name of subpackage that created by command

javac -d . prog.java