Hello Everybody...
I have used the following code snippet to encrypt a file.
Everything is going fine. According to the concept I have successfully encrypted the file.

void CFileEncryptDlg::OnBnClickedButton1()
	CString sTest= "Are you here? I wanna talk to you. This is a pretty Serious issue.";
	CFile Myfile;
	Myfile.Open ("C:\\Test.fen",CFile ::modeCreate |CFile::modeWrite );
	Myfile.Write (sTest ,sTest.GetAllocLength ());
	Myfile .Close ();

        /*EncryptFile function is an inbuilt function to Encrypt the file*/
	int ret = EncryptFile ("C:\\Test.fen");
	int lastError = GetLastError ();
	/* Checking the file status whether it got encrypted or not*/
	DWORD ATT = GetFileAttributes ("C:\\test.fen");
                 MessageBox ("Encrypted"); 

        lastError = GetLastError ();
But when I open this file in Notepad it still opens and text is still readable.This is the trouble.
If it is to remain readable, then what is fun of EncryptFile() provided by Platform SDK.