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The pleasure is all mine and welcome to the forum.

Double double quotes !!!! How does that work ? I think it's not supported. Even in VBS :

Code: vb
set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")</p>
<p>FileName = "C:\X Y Z.bat"</p>

So, I thought, you have to use escape sequences in Java.

Can someone explain this to me : how double double quotes work !?
I found an error in my syntax. It really goes like this and I think it is completely legal (someone would need to confirm this though)(many people coding embedded js into HTML like to use single quotation for js related syntax and double quotation for HTML). So the correct and flawlessly performing (no errors on page within IE) syntax for my example is:

Code: Javascript
var whichever_name = '"E:\\XZNNesprits\\ZZ XZNNesprits PMz.session"'

By the way, what are the cool things about VBS?