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Thanks so much SaswatPadhi. You are the first one who ever answered me a question on this forum (my first ever too!).
The pleasure is all mine and welcome to the forum.

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I tried your syntax as a var value and it is perfect in js except that there must not be present those two backslashes in between the double double quotes. So that would be:

var whichever_name = "E:\\XZNNesprits\\ZZ XZNNesprits PMz.session"'
Double double quotes !!!! How does that work ? I think it's not supported. Even in VBS :
Code: vb
set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
FileName = "C:\X Y Z.bat"
So, I thought, you have to use escape sequences in Java.

Can someone explain this to me : how double double quotes work !?