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char my_char;
int my_ int, a,b,c;
char my_string[200];
char* my_c_ptr;

my_char = "5423585969770"[my_int];

a .my_char must be replaced by my_c_ptr
b.the C syntax is not correct
c.my_char is assigned to point to a character array of size my_int containing text 5423585969770.
d. my_char should be replaced by my_string


enum { one, two, three };

a.two has value of 3
b.structure called enum is defined containing 3 elements
c. three has a value of 1 greater than two
done , two , three need to be predefined

a = b = c == 5;

a. is equivalet to ((a=b)=c) ==5
b. the syntax is not correct
c. aand b will be assigned a value of either 0 or 1
d. a, b , c are all assigned 5