I've got a little problem, I've got this application that produces a PHP-site and I'm trying to figure out how it can be embedded as a Widget on another site. My fingers are raw from Googling and my eyes hurt from from reading pointless articles related to Widgets that say nothing about how to load a normal HTML and PHP site as a Widget. The closest thing I got was someone writing HTML-code in a string and printing it in JavaScript, I wanted to do the same but I can't find a function to load the content of a URL into a string, plus from lurking i forums a lot say that's impossible.

It've gone so far that I think I've completely misunderstood what a Widget is, isn't it just an external site, anywhere, which you load in another site? Why isn't anyone using iframes? I tried those but my host wouldn't allow it, so I've been checking some Widget-embedd examples and they use JavaScript for some reason.

Anyway, I won't bore you with details, it should be so simple. If it wasn't clear: I've got a couple of pages, JavaScript, XML and PHP that fill up a DIV with some application. I want to be able to load that application as a Widget somewhere. Thanks