hello every, first i'm a noob here so correct me if I wrong. I assumed that an email can be easily tracked down to find the computer that download it from the internet ( the way i see in film, novel etc). So I decide to play a small game with my friends (they are IT expert) to see if they can tracked down my computer by email (if you don't believe think whatever you want lol).
First I setup an email account that support POP3 service. Then I setup second email account that support download email from other POP3 email account (and let it download my mail here ofcourse). Now in the second account, I let it automatic forward all email to 3rd email account where I download email from to my computer (Gmail can do it if anyone have question).
Now can my friends track down my computer by sending me email to the first account? If he/she still can, how much does it cost he/she (time and event money) ?