Well... uhm, by valid email address I mean that the program should generate email addresses that already exist on the Web !!! Of course, the suggestions that you provided for checking the email address are OK, but that is not what I meant.

So, the program should somehow search the Web for email addresses that exist ! That is why I call it an Email Generator -> it generates an email address, checks if the email exists and , if valid, writes the address in a file, for example "emails.txt".

Alternatively, are there any downloadable email address lists ? If such lists exist, the program should only read from the list and write the emails in a file "emails.txt"

I am not sure if C/C++ is the most suitable language to write this program in, maybe Java is better ? I am hesitating because I expect the program to generate thousands email addresses, and as we all know, C/C++ are very fast languages, but Java is slow. On the other hand, Java is better for Internet programming... So, is it possible to write such a program and how and in what language ?