I googled for an email cracker as it's something I really need as part of my penertration testing client, I was overwhelmed by a piece of software that has won awards with brothersoft..., it's called E-Cracker (ver 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 pro edition) and apparently works, I saw news websites giving a very detailed description etc so I decided to visit the site and have read through there tools and exactly how they work, and to be honets it seem's very legitimate and the way they describe how the vulnerability exploits work particularaly on the FAQ page is very convincing, so I guess my question is, before I purchase the 10.0 edition has anyone ever used it or can give me more information?

There website address is <<<<<Link Removed>>>>

Just remove the spaces, sorry about that but it wouldn't let me post a url for some reason?

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