Hi everyone,

I really need a help.. I feel kind of lost somewhere ! .. I have a deadline on this coming Monday.. - 4 days left

2 forms at the same page
Form 1:

I have a list called available_fields, it has the name of my table's columns in the database - I already retrieve the content of this list from my database (multiple selection can be done here)

now I need a button that moves the selected items from my available_ fields list TO selected_fields list.. also a button to do the opposite (move back the elements)

now! what's in the selected_fields list should be used later in a MySQL query as fields of my result table
Form 2

I should have a counter here of number of conditions (criterias) of our query
I have a drop down list that have (AND) (OR) .. logic !
I have a drop down list of brackets such as ( (( ((( (((( (((((
I have a drop down list with all fields again ( but a dropDownList not a list ) - one selection only
I have a drop down list of comparisions such as ( = != InList NotInList .. etc )
I should have a list of values of the exact field selected ( this is a dependent list on which field has been selected)
I have a drop down list of brackets such as ) )) ))) )))) )))))
then a botton allowing the user to delete the condition
at the end of this form there should be a button to add another criteria (condition)

now! the result of this form should be used later in a MySQL query as conditions on my result table
then I should have something like this:
SELECT _ _ -result of form 1 _ _ FROM tableName WHERE _ _ result of form 2_ _)
at the end I should display the result of this query in a different page
please help!

at lease.. I need a small clear example..

P.S. I have a pic of the form I need to program.. but could not attached it here.. send me an email (co.ooo.ol@hotmail.com) if you want to see it.. I can e-mail you the form picture..