Drawing shapes in c or c++

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I would like to draw something(lines,quare,triangle,sphere,..) in C or C++ but I got no basic IDEA ...
For example any kinds of graphics I would like to draw but...
I searched internet but I couldn't find concrete answer please give me some data link where can I learn or give me some advise of yours

give me some examples how can I use graphics.h lib .or whatever

ia m working under winxp
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If you want to start programming windows then the best place to start is with Charles Petzold's Programming Windows books. This takes you from first principles. However it's not recommended for complete C newbs; you need to get the language sorted out before you'll be able to look at his book without running away screaming, and forget any ideas about doing graphics programming because that is not simple stuff. It's a good goal, but you can pick it up again after you've been learning C for a few months.