Hi all

Since i am more conversant with assembly programming my knowledge in c
is very limited . Just have a small boubt

there is a function createEAPfile( char *IMSI)
now i have to create a disk resident file which should look like the following

User-Name = "eapsim"
NAS-IP-Address = marajade.sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
EAP-Code = Response
EAP-Type-Identity = "eapsim"
Message-Authenticator = 0
NAS-Port = 0

Here i have to update the User-Name with the value present in *IMSI
IMSI=102AD456780 but at the same time i should have double quotes too

i tried the following

char *p = "User-Name = \"IMSI\"";
but output is
User-Name = "IMSI"
but what i want is
User-Name = "102AD456780"

how to get this value of IMSI insted of printing IMSI itself.

Thanks in advance;