Hello Guys wondering if you could help me,
Ok atm im doing a computer course at college and one of the units its games programming and im USELESS at it lol, well so far i have created a game where it draws a game board, doors and a player with GDI, you click a button and it will role a dice (1-6) and the player will move along to board depending on the dice roll. once it reaches a trap door it will go up to level 2 and so on.
The thing is i dont know how i'd go about coding it so when the player reaches a door it will ask a question, if the player gets it right they can roll again if they get it wrong they have to go back to the spot they was before they rolled the number that got them to the door. i have the doors in a collection if thats any help and there in the order which the player gets to them. so like when player reaches door1, ask question but coding that not a clue.
ps. like i said im usless at coding lol so try simplyfy it Any help would be appreciated.