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Domain Age In SEO

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Is the age of a domain still an important factor regarding SEO?
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Actually Yes and the main reason could be the Page Rank of the home page.
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Yes. If you are having an old domain name that adds more credibility to your search engine rankings. especially google gives more importance to domain age.
So using this site , you can gather the information of the domain name creator and owner of the domain name also it displays the information of the domain name that is when is expired & created.its a easy way to find the age of domain name.
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It is not the age of the domain as such, but as Shabbir said the PR (the links to the homepage) that would help. It is more likely that an older domain name would have well established links. However, it is not necessarily so, and an older domain name without such links would not in my opinion be any better than a newer one.
But congratulations on bumping a 3 year old thread
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Yes, domain age is very important. If age of your website's domain. then Google consider it as trusted and important site.
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Yes domain age is always important for seo. If your domain age is old then its better for your website because old domain name create trust for website in comparison of other new website.
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The popular belief has been that older domains do better in search results and are given extra favor due to their age. The idea is that an older domain that has been established has earned a greater level of trust with Google than a younger domain that is not as established. Matt admits that this is true to a point, but domain age is an insignificant factor that really carries very little weight in the Google algorithm.
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Domain Age is better as it helps to do better in search results and most important thing is "brand" Its a good chance the the old domain has already build a good repo in term of Brand and Google recognize it easily
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Age and Experience matters because experience people think different to achieve the target
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Domain age How much weight does age have in SEO? They say that a site's age matters in a website's search engine rankings.

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