I am creating a program that calculates the disance between the x, y, z coordinates of atoms listed in a pdb file.

When I run the program i get this message popping up for some of the lines and I don't know what to do to fix it:

"Use of uninitialized value in subtraction (-) at ./gas.pl line 42, <> line 14368"

The line that it states is the last line of the pdb file, however i don't see why this line is involved in my calculations as this is not present in any of my arrays.

The pdb file I'm using is 3PBL.pdb (attached)

Any help would be much appreciated as I am VERY new to Perl. I also am aware that my code isn't very pretty, but I am really only concered with getting it to work at this stage.



#!/usr/bin/perl -w

$num = 0;
$count = 0;

while (<>) {      

# Find x, y, z coordinates and store in separate arrays   

if ($_ =~ /^ATOM/) {   

        @line = $_ =~ m/^(.....).(.....).(....).(...)..(....)....(........)(........)(........)/; 

        $x = $line[5];           
        $arrayx[$num] = $x; 

        $y = $line[6];                            
        $arrayy[$num] = $y; 

        $z = $line[7];           
        $arrayz[$num] = $z; 


# Count number of atoms   

    if ($_ =~ /^ATOM/) {       

# Calculate distance between all atom coordinates   

foreach $i (0..$count) {   
    foreach $j ($i + 1..$count) {   

    $dist = sqrt(       
                ($arrayx[$i] - $arrayx[$j])**2 +  
                ($arrayy[$i] - $arrayy[$j])**2 +  
                ($arrayz[$i] - $arrayz[$j])**2 

    print "$dist\n"