Anyone knows a good disaster recovery tool????

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Hi people, I have a computer that was working very well, but lately when I was working on a important project, there was a power fluctuation for a couple of times (I thought that was normal) but after the last power fluctuation my computer refused to boot up. There seems to be a failure of some kind…..but I need to get the projects back that are still in that disk.

I would be thankful if you could suggest any good tools to get the files and documents back.
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You will see lots of self promotion tips in the reply but let me say that WinRecovery is one of the better tools I have seen
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also ontrack easy recovery, you can recover data from a formatted HDD. But why dont you get a secon HDD and put windows on that and then use the other one only for backups?
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active @ partition recovery.
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umm just take the hard drive out and slave it to another machine. u should b able to recover all ur files
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I think Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software is the best and efficient which can recover your data from the dead hard disk.Give a try
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Connecting it as a slave is the best option, i agree with germanboy104