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Hi everyone
I had a few people working on SEO for my site. But i am unable to generate leads so far. Is SEM is what i need to do to get some Leads? Please let me know because i am really running out of money for this SEO work.
Hello Danielle, to generate leads first you have to improve traffic to your website. target from which region you are expecting the leads.
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Search engine marketing or SEM, refers mainly to the text advertisements which appear at the top or on the right hand side of search engine results pages.SEM also includes any banner advertising or ad placement advertising at authority related sites.Search engine optimization or SEO refers to improving a web sites' natural and organic ranking in the search engine results page. This more affordable method is often slow and new web sites may take up to a year to achieve decent rankings in Google.
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SEO might be called "natural/organic search marketing." Logically, SEO is simply a part of SEM (right along paid search marketing, the other part). SEO and paid search marketing have a common basis in keyword analysis and strategy. They share the same goal: to promote the website to the first page of Google, but they achieve this in two different ways: SEO via organic listings, paid search marketing via Ads and paid inclusion.

Hope this it will help you!
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SEO - Search engine optimization & SEM - Search Engine Marketing...!!! meet again.

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Seo is done for organic ranking in SERP.

SEM is done to get quicker and upper ranking in SERP.
Sem and seo search engine optimization and search engine marketing
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goal of Search Engine Optimization is to optimize the crawler's ability to understand your site structure and content.
Search engine marketing is a hot topic among those who have business Web sites. And for good reason. The majority of Internet users use a search engine to find what they want.
Many people misunderstand the goal of search engine optimization as distinct from search engine marketing. Applying SEM expectations to SEO can lead to significant frustration and disappointment.
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SEM is a part of SEO. SEO is a complete process of increase pagerank and traffic of your website. SEM is use for generate traffic paid by Google or Search engines like PPC, B2B..etc.
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SEO is the process of improving a web site’s placement in the free listings of the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Bing etc. These free listings are also known as “organic” listings.It is not payable.
SEM aims to create additional traffic to websites by increasing their visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs).
SEO involves:
On-Site Optimization
Off-Site Optimization
Search Engine Marketing as those marketing practices that cost money to generate the traffic :
Buying placement in search listings
Pay-Per-Click advertising