We won't do your assignment for you but we will help you do it.
How far have you got with it and where are you stuck?
Are you getting any errors, or wrong behaviour in the code you've got so far?
Describe clearly what your current problem is.

It looks like you've been given a starting point. Is your code correctly doing "Use a while loop to repeat until the user types a 4 as shown below. If the operation code is not 1 through 4, then print an error message and go to the next data item." ?

Hint: don't try to write all the code at once. I've been programming since 1981 and I don't do that (not that I hold myself up as any kind of expert). Get one part working, then work on the next bit and get that working, and repeat until the assignment is completed.

Hmm, looks like you have actually made some progress:

Rather than having us waste our time trying to solve problems you've already got past, if you post a thread with a problem, then solve it, would you please follow up that post with one that just says something like "never mind, sorted it"?