Designing an online database suggestions

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Hi all! I am new here but do know a little about programing. I am a bit over my head in what I want to accomplish. I have this idea for a webpage. I think it could be a really popular idea, so I will be a bit vague. If you want to contact me personally you can and I can get more details for you. My email is

I am trying to make an online database(I think this is the best route to take, but I am open to suggestions)

I would like users to be able to create an account, have a profile.

Users would post a "comment" for everyone to see in this one general area, say the main page. Other users would rate the comments causing the highest rated comments to float to the top. They could also flag inappropriate comments. At the end of each day that main page would reset, (meaning all comments are deleted) The following day users fill in the area with more comments.

Again I know this is not super detailed, but I really do want to protect my idea. If anyone is interested in helping me design something I would appreciate it. I think the webpage could generate a lot of ad revenue. Your only risk would be the time you put in to helping me make this work. I am open to sharing a portion of the revenue. Thanks everyone for your comments.

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