i want to run my paytv card on one of my alternative linux receivers. unfurtunalty itīs not that easy. the card is a nagra 3 (N3) card from via embratel. like all N3 cards there is a so called boxkey and RSA. the card can be used in just one set-top-box. the original from the provider.
to run it in a dreambox or azbox or what ever i need this rsa and boxkey and put it inside the emulator. this will allow the emulator to read my card just like the original settopbox. i know that i have to dump the firmware from the flash of the original settopbox. this can be done. "no" problem...more or less. lol i will use an up2008 to dump it.
this dump will contain the FW which contain the rsa and boxkey. but this FW will be decrypted. and i want to know how i can decrypt it. can you help me?