Date comparison with C# and SQL Server 2005

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In C# code I want to do a date comparison against a column is the database.

Something like:

select someColumn from someTable
where CurrentDate-someDate > ElapsedTimeColumn

I want to get the currentdate in C# and run a query from my application.

How do i get the format of:

mm/dd/yyyy hh:ss:mm AM/PM

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DateTime class located in the System namespace would help you.


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Any idea what would throw an sql exception error?
The format it returns is identical to the format of my sql column....

This isn't an issue, and I decided to just use the sql function getdate to do what I needed, but I do no understand why this would throw an error. Perhaps it is a simple formatting error on my part when concatenating the strings, but maybe someone had a similiar problem before. thanks.
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This scenario usually arises when the data is not 'received' properly from the database.

Check this link ( ) for details on how to connect to SQL Server database from C#.NET database applications as well as Java database applications. It also describes how to pass embedded SQL queries, calling stored procedures, pass parameters etc.

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